Thanks to the Hurd Family - Donnie, Kristi, Ashley, Destiny and Hannah - for donating their 26 yr. old mare - Bling-Bling
5 yr. old Hannah riding Bling-Bling
Our first horses - Uno and Buddy
Our newest baby - sweet Butterscotch
The girls - Butterscotch & Blossom
Aren't they cute!
A hug for the king - our stallion, Uno
Buddy's first day on the ranch
Kathie explaining to an embarrassed little Blossom that the shaved stripe
down her back (giving her a reverse Mohawk) would go away with her
daily brushing as her baby fur falls out
Left to Right - Patrick, Blossom and Butterscotch
Eating grass - ALL day!
Uno grazing on a beautiful fall day
Patrick - Our new addition donated by David & Phyllis Johnson
Patrick getting to know Kathie
Uno's first day at the Ranch
Soldier - Very Sweet & Gentle 23 yr. old gelding